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Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy has a great range of products and services to ensure you experience a more holistic approach to your healthcare in Queensland.

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Pharmacists are one of the most trusted professionals in Australia for a reason. We take our role as a resource for advice, support and referral seriously. Not only do we provide in store clinics and whole health advice but you can also come in to see us for the little things. #askcalanna

get to know us

get to know us


At Calanna, we stock a broader range of natural and Qld sourced health products. For us, taking care of your health and well being means taking care of more than just your medication. But we do that exceptionally well too with our free medication packing and delivery service and a price match guarantee on our preferred prescription brands. Come in and visit us today. #askcalanna



Health Services

Calanna Whole Health Pharmacies consider themselves more of a health destination, than just a chemist. Check out our complementary services and products to find out why we really are the natural choice chemist. #askcalanna

Health Services

Health Services


At Calanna, we understand receiving advice you can understand, from health professionals you can trust, is important. Our philosophy is to create health destinations to provide just that. Our pharmacists all work on the floor to ensure you always have a professional to talk to at any of our stores.




If you need an online source for information about health #askcalanna.  If you like what you find take the time to let us know and share it with your family and friends. If you haven't already - Like us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with our latest news and offers.

Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen


At Calanna - we are open longer. Visit out store pages to find your nearest Calanna pharmacy and find our full list of open hours for every store.



My DNA Tests for a customised health plan


MEDICATION TEST: Learn more about which medications are most likely to work for you. Covering some of the most commonly prescribed medications.

A MyDNA Medicine test at Calanna can help you understand which medicines are likely to work best for your genetic make up. Take the guess work out of prescription medication.

There are certain genes which contain instructions to build proteins called enzymes. These enzymes are involved in breaking down medications in the body, primarily in the liver. People have different versions of these genes which produce enzymes with varying levels of activity (e.g. slow, normal or fast). As a result, people vary in how slow or fast they break down and clear medications from their body. 

ONLY - $99 for single medication group (Pain, Heart, Stomach or Mental health) and $149 for a full medication test at Calanna Whole Health Pharmacies.

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FITNESS TEST: Some people are built for speed. Others are built for distance. A DNA report can reveal your unique body type and help you to find the best sports and exercises for you.

A MyDNA Fitness test will help you focus your efforts when excercising by telling you what your body is designed to respond to. Whether your goal is weight loss, maintaining weight, building muscle, strength or endurance - this test will provide a custom report with example excercise videos just for you.

ONLY $99 and exclusively available in store in North Queensland at Calanna Whole Health Pharmacies.

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DIET and WELLNESS TEST: Did you know your genetic makeup can provide insights into the best diet for your body?
  • Testing 7 genes can help you find the right diet for you
  • A simple cheek swab is all it takes
  • You receive personalised results with clear, easy-to-action advice
  • Tested in Melbourne by an Australian DNA testing company
  • Your DNA and test results are completely secure

ONLY $99 at Calanna Wholehealth Pharmacies

COMBINE WITH THE FITNESS TEST FOR JUST $119 only at Calanna Whole Health

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My DNA tests provide a way of understanding how to better manage your health based on your DNA.

Q. What is myDNA?

myDNA is a genetic testing company that specialises in providing information to help people optimise their health. Once you have supplied your DNA sample through the easy test kit in store at Calanna, we send the sample off to an accredited test lab which uses your DNA to produce a customised report on how your body will best respond to diet and excercise or medicine. That gives you and your healthcare professionals a report that holds lifelong relevance. 

Q. Why perform myDNA testing?

Genetic testing identifies information like:

o    What medicines are best suited to your body

o    How to best reduce interactions and side effects

o    What is the optimal dosage of a particular medicine for you

o    What particular diet and exercise approaches would be best suited to your body

Q. How accurate is your DNA test and reports?

A strict quality assurance process combined with state of the art laboratory facilities, allows us to control reliability and validity of all tests. The reports and findings are developed in accordance to internationally recognised guidelines and factor in large number of published studies.

Q. What does myDNA do with my private data?

myDNA stores test results in a secure environment and will not disclose records without your consent. 

Calanna staff are available to personally walk you through the entire process from how to take the test to going through your results and setting a plan for your healthier future. Contact your nearest store today and get your health on track in a way that will work just right for you.

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