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Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy has a great range of products and services to ensure you experience a more holistic approach to your healthcare in Queensland.

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Pharmacists are one of the most trusted professionals in Australia for a reason. We take our role as a resource for advice, support and referral seriously. Not only do we provide in store clinics and whole health advice but you can also come in to see us for the little things. #askcalanna

get to know us

get to know us


At Calanna, we stock a broader range of natural and Qld sourced health products. For us, taking care of your health and well being means taking care of more than just your medication. But we do that exceptionally well too with our free medication packing and delivery service and a price match guarantee on our preferred prescription brands. Come in and visit us today. #askcalanna



Health Services

Calanna Whole Health Pharmacies consider themselves more of a health destination, than just a chemist. Check out our complementary services and products to find out why we really are the natural choice chemist. #askcalanna

Health Services

Health Services


At Calanna, we understand receiving advice you can understand, from health professionals you can trust, is important. Our philosophy is to create health destinations to provide just that. Our pharmacists all work on the floor to ensure you always have a professional to talk to at any of our stores.




If you need an online source for information about health #askcalanna.  If you like what you find take the time to let us know and share it with your family and friends. If you haven't already - Like us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with our latest news and offers.

Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen


At Calanna - we are open longer. Visit out store pages to find your nearest Calanna pharmacy and find our full list of open hours for every store.



Woree Pharmacy & Head Office


07 4054 2440


600 Bruce Hwy, Woree QLD 4868 | Email Us


07 4054 2136


Open 7 days 8am to 8pm including public holidays. Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day.

About The Pharmacy

Calanna Woree was the first Calanna pharmacy to open its doors in 1976 and remains the flagship store for the now state-wide pharmacy group. With the head office located on the same block the Calanna Woree pharmacy is located in the heart of the Calanna Health and Medical Centre and truly is your one stop health destination in Cairns. With in store Naturopaths, acupuncturist, sleep specialist and sleep clinic and a team of qualified pharmacists you will find nearly everything you need to manage your health at Calanna Woree. 

Meet the team

Naturopath Jana

Jana has been with Calanna Wholehealth for over 3 years and a practicing Naturopath for over 7 years. She is professionally registered with ANTA, a Natural Fertility Educator and trained in Live Blood Microscopy and is passionate about helping people find the right balance in their health.

"Every day, science validates the importance of living a balanced and healthy life and where that doesn't happen, disease can sometimes occur. For each individual, the underlying cause of imbalance may be slightly different. Naturopathy is unique in that it allows a practitioner to further investigate the cause and provide a treatment that considers the whole person. For some people, a combination of western medicine and natural treatments produces the best result. As a Naturopath who is trained in herb-nutrient-pharmaceutical interactions, providing safe, effective and scientifically supported advice allows people to feel not just long-term relief from their symptoms, but confidence in their treatments and their practitioner.

Often those who see Naturopaths do so as a last resort. Where other practitioners couldn't help and you know you can, is exciting for me and rewarding when they report their positive results. But it's never just up to me. Many of my clients have to make big changes to get the results they're after. The commitment they show to improving their health, and the outcomes we achieve together, I find very inspiring."

General Manager and Pharmacist Matthew

Matthew has worked in pharmacy for over 20 years and has been the General manager for the group since 2005. He has always enjoyed helping people and  being part of the community and says pharmacy allows you to do both through your knowledge on ailments and medicines and your easy accessibility to the community. He has always been interested in providing people with  a number of solutions to their problem along with preventative advice which is a key focus for Calanna Wholehealth who have been providing access to naturopaths, a sleep clinic and medication compounding for decades.

Matt believes that as health professionals it is their role in the community not to just explain to people what ailment they have and how the medicine will fix it but also to help people live longer and healthier lives and prevent illness and disease through a number of different options including mainstream medicine, complimentary medicine, diet and exercise. While Matt's role in the group is very diverse and sees him dealing with every aspect of the business, one of his favourite parts of his job is still just being in sore helping customers. When Matt isn't busy with work he spends time catching up with friends, goes to the gym or for a swim, run or walk to keep his body moving and to recharge the brain. He also enjoys gardening reading and watching a good movie. His top tip for maintaining overall health?

"Keep active most days (even if that is just a half hour walk or some light stretching) and learn what foods and supplements  are best to fuel your body".

Health Services



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